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The best films from Africa - this list was recently compiled by The Guardian. You can find several of them on filmingo.

rank 3 - «The Senegalese writer and director Ousmane Sembène is often described as the “father of African cinema” and this was his debut movie. Sembène’s film grasped the nature of empire and servitude: big themes coupled with a strong intimate storytelling style.»
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Cairo Station (1958)
Youssef Chahine
Bonus: Why Chahine?
Melodrama and thriller, social drama and love story in one, the masterly feature film by the Egyptian director Youssef Chahine, made in 1958, is located entirely on the station grounds. The old Madbouli is the owner of a kiosk at Cairo's main railway station. One day he finds a half-starved, poor man at the edge of the tracks. Madbouli feels sorry for the sad-looking, limping farmer Kenaoui and hires him as a flying newspaper salesman. At work, Kenaoui meets the beautiful Hanouma every day, who also earns her living at the station by supplying travellers with lemonade drinks. Kenaoui falls for the cheerful woman and makes it his goal to marry her. Lonely and in obsessive longing, he cuts out lightly dressed women from magazines in his hut at the edge of the train station in the evening, hanging his walls with them. Although he knows that Hanouma is already promised to the suitcase porter and trade unionist Abou Serih, one day he reveals his feelings to her and proposes to her. Her rejection, soaked with mockery and ridicule, drives Kenawi further into a rage-drenched obsession for Hanuma. Restored version.
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rank 4 - «All human life is here: the phrase really does apply to Youssef Chahine’s tragicomic masterpiece. Cairo Station is the venue for a blazingly passionate drama about Qinawi, a lame newspaper vendor, played by Chahine himself, and his unrequited desire for Hanuma, the Bardot-ish lemonade seller.»
rank 11 - «A magical quest narrative from the Malian film-maker Souleymane Cissé, it was a hit at the 1987 Cannes film festival, where it won the Jury prize. Set some time in the distant past (or perhaps the timeless present or mysterious future), it is the story of a father-son confrontation.»