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La nostalgie de la campagne (1995)

Dang Nhat Minh, Vietnam

Seventeen-year-old Nhâm lives with his mother, little sister and sister-in-law Ngu in a remote village in Vietnam. His father died in the war, his brother moved away to find work elsewhere. The three work day after day in the rice fields. Between Nhâm and Ngu evolves a quiet, deep relationship. But the beautiful Quyen, who has lived in the USA for years and now returns to her native village even if only for a short time, turns Nhâm's head. Quyen seems to be only marginally aware of Nhâm's growing admiration and not at all aware of Ngus' wordless jealousy. At the same time she meets her former homeland and her idyllic memories with melancholy, but also with increasing distance. Filmmaker Dang Nhat Minh opens our eyes to his Vietnamese homeland in a beautiful way and in the form of a gently told love story, in which after decades of war the normal everyday life of peace returns and ordinary relationships are formed.

112 minutes
German fix, French fix
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