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No Apologies (2019)

Aladin Dampha, Ebuka Anokwa, Lionel Rupp, Lucas Grandjean, Lucas Morëel, Mamadou Bamba, Switzerland

No Apologies describes the state of physical and mental siege of black people living in precarious conditions in Lausanne. Confronted with the need to protect anonymity and the impossibility of filming in the street, No Apologies was conceived in a way that allows its characters to express themselves freely. Masked or barefaced, they bear witness to their personal journey, their struggle for everyday survival and police brutality. Thus questioning their place in a Swiss society that considers them as pariahs.

The film is a collective project resulting from an alliance between the people directly affected by these issues and movie professionals. Given the urgency of the situation, the documentary was produced in very little time, in guerrilla mode without the constraints of institutional funding.

49 minutes
OV diverse
German, French, English
Video Quality
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