Paula Hernandez

An important voice from the Argentinean film industry: Paula Hernández from Argentina is represented at filmingo with her previous feature films UN AMOR, LLUVIA, HERENCIA and LOS SONAMBULOS.

«I went to the cinema with my father to see this film. I was 15 and at that moment I was far away from being a filmmaker. But Tarkowsky made me discover that films were much more than I had seen so far. It's a must-see movie.»
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Nostalgia de la luz
Patricio Guzmán
In his documentary essay film, Chilean Patricio Guzmán takes a double look at the past: On the one hand there are the astronomers who look up to the sky in the Atacama Desert and explore the origin of the universe, on the other there are the women who search in the desert sand around the observatories for the mortal remains of their loved ones who have become victims of the military dictatorship. A journey into the light.
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«I once heard that Guzman said that the desert was a great container of the past. With poetry and lucidity, the film proposes that the ground is the best place to think about the fragility of the present and the future.»