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Zwischen Kalkül und Zufall (2017)

Jürg Egli, Switzerland

An artist, a musician, a filmmaker. Three worlds, three ways of thinking, three interpretations. Fused to an energetic work. Beat Zoderer’s work fascinate with quiet humor and the intelligent challenge of distrusting a conventional view of things. Nik Bärtsch’s sound is characterized by his love for the architecturally articulated space and rhythmic overlaps. Filmmaker Jürg Egli has brought the two artists together in a studio session. The result is a cinematic performance of unique intensity. „The idea can sometimes only be thought out in its realization.“ Beat Zoderer Sketchbook IX 1999

«A film that can move well in the space between the arts and show a unique experience. Where the border between the arts is not separated.»

Shahram Mokri
90 minutes
Without dialog
French, English
Video Quality
Available in