Fredi M. Murer

Fredi M. Murer's "Höhenfeuer" was named "Best Swiss Film of all Times" in 2015. The Locarno Festival honours the filmmaker in 2019 with the "Pardo alla carriera" and filmingo presents the most important of his films, including the original mountain film "Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass wir da sind". Fredi Murer recommends six of his favourite movies among the filmingo collection.

«Three men in a stolen trolley set off on a top secret excursion into a forbidden zone abandoned by humans, as if Tarkovsky had seen Chernobyl coming. For me the most mysterious and exciting film of the film mystic. And every time I see it again, I come a little bit closer to his secret.»
«The very sound of this film title suddenly takes me back to my 1968s. Glauber Rocha was for politically engaged young filmmakers like myself one of those cult directors whose films we also tried to imitate because of their visually anarchic power. But finding the Brazilian "grandeza" in our own country proved futile.»